Friday, January 25, 2013

What I Love About You... at 12

cuddling with mom and dad at Christmas!

What I love about you (Abby) at Twelve...
  • the lean in with your head down to get a cuddle or hug from someone you like (you're fairly discriminating)
You love to stay at G & G's house! You dance just pulling onto their road!... just you, Grandma and Grandpa!

  • the back up onto someone's lap (our little St Bernard who thinks she's a lap dog
  • Your smile that fills up your whole face and seems to light up a room
  • sitting on a chair with your legs crossed like a little lady
  • all intent in a book... literally tearing it up with enthusiasm
Daddy's lap is a favorite!  Mom loves you in camo!
  • handing me a snack... so deliberate in your handing it nicely instead of throwing it like you used to!
  • random clapping in a quiet room (usually church)
  • smaller "happy dance" when you're excited
got a music box for Christmas & was thrilled!

  • your deliberate looking into a present bag to find a gift you recognize
  • handing me your cup when it doesn't work or is in need of a refill
  • how you still gets a kick out of dropping silverware on the floor or throwing your cup (especially when there's a new pca)
  • throwing stuff like confetti all over the room
  • laughing for no apparent reason
  • the pure joy of eating chips (You eat them like cookie monster... most end up on the floor)
  • sleeping angel... folded in half to sleep.  I don't know how you are comfortable.
  • walking up the stairs... you still take my breath away when you WALK into a room or walk single stepping up the stairs.
climbing into the car on your own!

  • You love your bed so much that no matter how tired you are when you fall into bed, you seem to always have time for a little singing!
  • you're the best morning person ever!  Never seen someone so joyful the moment you wake up!  Even if you are awoken at night (diaper change) a smile fills your face... amazing!
  • the look on her face when the cold wind hits it... happiness!!!
  • how you stop in her tracks when you recognize someone at the door, get up (in the middle of the room) and greet a guest (or pca)
Miss Danielle is one of your favorite people!

  • a new book (an old one that's amazingly fixed)
  • The excitement on your face with a fixed toy... leap frog music box, singing Larry Boy, alphabet pal, puppy xylophone or certain board books!
  • silly songs with larry
  • when you're ready for bed, you just go upstairs, get into bed, and curl up to sleep on your own
  • I love how a piece of paper can entertain her for a long time!  The sound of you hitting it amuses you!
  • the funny face you make on the toilet! 
  • the funny faces from people when you give them your hand (backwards like a queen used to do waiting for it to be kissed) because you expect them to know how to squeeze it and your disgust that accompanies the wrong response or the peace that comes with the correct squeeze :)
  • You're desire to "meet" new people as you tap perfect strangers or tug at their hair to get them to acknowledge you
  • I love how you teach people to interact with you and the complete awkwardness they feel at their feeble attempts to ignore you or act normally! (I know I shouldn't enjoy this so much!)
  • You're learning to show some love to your sisters and little ones, so I love when you see a "baby" and lean down for a kiss.  There's preschooler at school this year with Downs and whenever you see each other he hugs your leg and you lean down and kiss him!  On your way into the car each afternoon we practice "kissing baby" and you lean down to kiss MA and Belle.  
  • I love your face when your sister MaryAlice gets you in a headlock to hug and kiss you
  • I love how you love the kids and get excited when you see the kids running around you.  The smile that creeps onto your face it so cute!

  • You've started sharing our emotions and will look at us when we're laughing and smile with us!  
  • You have times where you are so happy that you are giddy as if you're on something but you are not! You've recently just been giggly more than half the way home from school!
  • the smile when you see me through the window as I pick you up from school! 
  • I love the way you roam the halls at school as if you own it!  It is such "your place" and you love being there!
  • I love how you relentlessly vie for attention by smacking the person you expect to be paying attention to you
  • I love that you will spend the day playing and hanging out at home rather than standing and pounding on the door to leave :)
  • I love that you will enter a new room in the house or explore somewhere new
  • I love that I can call you from my bedroom down the hall and you'll come and climb up on the bed with us to cuddle!
  • Cuddling with you in your bed or on the back seat of the van!!!!
I love you in a shower cap!!!!

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  1. I just cried tears of joy reading this. My beautiful Blondie is growing up so fast and I pictured just about everything you said there. I love her so much!



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