Friday, January 11, 2013

Touched... a pre-wedding story

This Christmas has been really laid back and wonderful in so many ways.  Abby has been happy and such a little love.  She's cuddled and just hung out with us way more than normal.  We've spent several days on end at home and it's been okay.  I'm exhausted as this week comes to a close as she will return to school on Monday, but also grateful for this time.  She is a happy terror.  She is throwing everything that isn't nailed down and she can't be contained anywhere at this time.  We're looking into a confined bed to be able to put her in as she has to have someone shadowing her 24-7.  It's usually do-able as we have regular help with her in the evenings, so it's not every night or all day and night as the holidays can mostly be; but the facts are we need a plan B for times when we don't have someone here for days on end and Andy needs to work and I need a shower :)

I wish I had written about Christmas before our New Year's news, but the ability to be so sorrowful and so full of joy only adds to the wonder of who God made us to be!  One of the highlights of this Christmas was the addition of another to our family!  My brother is engaged and we are all in love with his fiancee'!  I've loved her for awhile as we've been blessed to have known her for quite some time as part of our church and small group, but to gain her as a sister and see her with my brother makes me tear every time I speak of them!  God is so faithful!  Again and again He brings me to my knees as He continues to bless "Exceedingly, abundantly more than we can ask or imagine!" 

Andrea (my sister) and I have spent time trying on bridesmaid dresses as Ben and Amanda have decided we should walk down the aisle with our husbands as part of the wedding party.  We were honored to play a part, but have spent the past month consoling our nine year olds because they are too old to be flower girls and too young for bridesmaids.  They've had their hearts set on being in a wedding together.  For some reason they have spent too much time dreaming on it... much to their moms' dismay.  We've done all we could over time to downplay it, but the announcement of a wedding has only intensified their obsession!  We tried to compensate and prepare them for guestbook or carrying presents, but it's been of no use.  They've sadly conceded but have been anything but happy with it.

Christmas came and the babies got a cute build-a-bear wearing a pretty dress along with a note creatively  asking them to wear a pretty dress like the one the bear had on, and be flower girls in the upcoming nuptials.  They were thrilled but we (Andrea & I) held our breath hoping the big sisters could live vicariously through their little sisters and be happy for them.  To our surprise the big girls opened up pretty American Doll shoes and an invitation to be junior bridesmaids!  The girls were beside themselves!  We were shocked and touched by this and teared up a bit as we knew what it meant to them to be in it!
Then Ben handed me another card...
(you may want to pick up a tissue before continuing here...)
 The card was addressed to Abby.  If it wasn't enough to have his sisters and brother-in-laws, along with the nieces and nephew (Drew, my nephew, will walk the two girls down)... they wanted Abby too!
(I'm crying all over again!)
They intend to have her daddy walk her down the aisle...
Can't say we ever thought that would happen.  We never even thought of Abby being in it.  This is their day and words fail me still.  I had never considered Abby in anyone's wedding.  I had never even considered it and frankly spent some time mourning it, so the surprise touched me with the selfless gesture of love for her and us.  Seriously, we all sobbed!  I don't know how we'll make it to the day with so much joy and blessing without a constant stream of tears!

The Lord has provided a beautiful partner for Ben... inside and out :)


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