Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The reign of self

How can you expect your children to respect authority when you mock it?

"We rail against authority in our culture. We view it with suspicion.  We have come to equate freedom with minimum intervention from anyone with power or perceived power over us.  Sate, church, family and education authorities are all viewed as threats to liberty."(Porterbrook)

As November is closing in I've been following people who engage in politics .  The most interesting thing that has actually got my blood to rise in a visceral response is people who mock the whole process publicly, or worse yet are completely uninformed and still show up to vote.  Without listening to a debate or reading a party platform, some make a decision based on the lunacy of...
If the person appears nicer
dresses better or more to their personal taste
is more or less articulate
or worse yet...
in total ignorance check a D or R box because mom/dad did or didn't support that party.

Are we totally bushwhacked by cynicism that we've stepped out of the ring and can call that godly or being a good citizen of this world we're in?  We've been blessed to be in a democracy where we still do have freedoms, but they are and will continue to dwindle if more and more intelligent people buck the system and walk away... only to turn back as the freedoms they've enjoyed are stripped away... and they'll wonder why...  for a moment before they blame someone else for the mess we're in.

I'll give you some issues are ideology based and we could go back and forth on their merits throughout history and applied in our setting today.  I've thought the corruption within the government and "the man" has driven most away; but today I wonder if it's more than that... chastising and bucking all those in authority?  Is it that either candidate will have authority over us that we fight against?  Is it their humanity that makes us vomit in our mouths or is it the way in which they've chosen to exercise the deck they've been dealt?  We praise the wrong attributes.  We value the wrong things.  I'm sickened by lack of morality and character that's being elevated.

Please don't teach your kids...
to mock all authority and wonder why they are so rude to adults... teachers... YOU
freedom is free and isn't worth fighting for
the democratic process is dead and not worth their time
the value of human life isn't an issue when we kill unborn ones who aren't perceived as perfect or are a simple inconvenience to us; while the slippery slope you mocked as extreme in actuality is taking place in  other countries who have already started to kill born babies with disabilities even against the parent's wishes.

Yes, we live in a corrupt world, but putting on blinders and justifying not participating in the democratic process blows me away. Don't get me wrong, I don't think government is the answer to any kind of peace on this side of Heaven.  Only God will one day usher that in, but fighting for our ideals and beliefs should never stop while we are citizens of this world.  Our birthright may be Heaven, but we've been placed here for a time and good stewardship is required of us.  We claim to bring God into every arena of our lives, but then leave him outside the voting booth or pretend that government has no influence on our lives and don't participate at all?  It sounds like lunacy but many find an uneasy "feeling" inside themselves to justify it.  Is it cowardice or apathy?  Whatever the case neither are very impressive.

We are not of this world, but we are in it.  It is a gift of grace to be able to preach what we believe and speak out against things we disagree with, but those are not entitlements.  They can and most likely will fade into history if we don't defend them.  Read The Voice of the Martyrs and you'll see how many people around the world don't have the freedom we have to even speak the name of Jesus.  Even in our country certain beliefs have been donned hatred rather than a differing of opinions.  We can't disagree with someone without being labeled a hater.  I don't hate people who disagree with me, but that is where we're going if we don't protect our freedoms.

Please stop believing everything you see on TV (NPR/PBS included) and educate yourself so you can exercise your freedoms fight to keep them.  Step out of the voting booth and be proud that you are doing what you can to further your ideals.  There is no pride in apathy.  Sitting around complaining about the situation but refusing to be a part of the solution is pathetic.

If you don't vote, please don't tell me because my respect for you will greatly decrease.

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  1. I have especially felt what you said about being labeled a hater if I disagree. I've heard it said recently (posted on a gay man's facebook page) that if a person were to vote yes on the marriage amendment then that person hates gay people (a slight paraphrase of the actual words used). Really? If my opinion is that marriage is between a man and a woman than it logically follows that I hate homosexual people??? Or is it just meant to intimidate me into voting the way another person wants me to? I don't know but the logic is seriously faulty (and more than slightly annoying!).


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