Monday, April 9, 2012

What I Like About You at 11

I get to pick out her clothes w/o complaints!

loving Miss Danielle

first time drinking out of a normal straw at her bday dinner

posing with daddy at her bday dinner with mommy and daddy

sick and wanting mom to cuddle...

love, love, love the guitar from Ms Molly for my bday!
What I like about you, My Abby, at 11...
  • I never tire of seeing you slowly and deliberately get up from the ground and walk or whenever you walk for that matter.  You are so much like a newborn giraffe with your long, wobbly legs and little feet.  I guess it's that I know your walking even amazes your doctors and it's not a guarantee or even very likely you'll always be able to do it, that still makes me smile
  • I love your new lean in for a cuddle
  • Your back up to sit on someone's lap
  • you cuddle up in my lap like your a lot smaller than you think you are
  • your fold in half sleep position
  • seeing your smiling face in the morning! No one is happier in the morning than you!
  • the hands on my neck to pull me in for a hug and kisses
  • the sound you make when you're hungry and about to eat
  • your amazing hair and oblivion about it
  • your fascination with emptying your bag as you find what you want
  • the way you spin the wheel on your music box to keep it playing while you play with other things
  • the smile on your face when you use your talker
  • your love of you wheelchair
  • the clapping at all the wrong times during a church service
  • your huge smile when we pull into grandpa and grandma's house or when someone comes in the door that you're happy to see
  • your smile and gut laugh on the trampoline
  • the fact that you need mommy to cuddle now when you're sick
  • giggling for no aparant reason
  • no head banging, teeth grinding or ear pulling
  • sitting at the table to eat with the family... even if it's for a little bit
  • spoon feeding... even though you make a complete and utter mess of it!
  • watching you in school
  • your facsination with turning light switches on and off everywhere you go
  • your babbling and singing noises that are more and more frequent
  • proper hand squeezing lessens the nail digging, scratching and pinching
  • having you turn when I call to you and sometimes even come to me
  • cuddling in bed
  • going for a car ride with the wind blowing still makes you smile
  • music box, alphabet pal, ladybug & the xylophone are still your "go to" toys
  • You still like books: Rainbow Zebra, Veggie Tales, Somebody Bigger Than I, Brown Bear Brown Bear
  • Big enough onesies and footy PJ's
  • Watching you walk up and down the stairs with just a hand for stablility
  • your glasses... just when I didn't think you could get any cuter!
  • Your squishiness!  It's the only positive about your lack of muscle!  You're so soft and squishy!
  • Bathtime!
  • going the bathroom on the toilet... some of the time = changing a lot less dirty diapers at night after you're asleep
  • Looking me in the eyes
  • Happy Dancing... especially when playing the guitar
  • Shared emotion for the first time ever!


  1. So sweet! This made me cry! Love it, happy birthday beautiful girl!!

  2. I just stumbled across your blog and I must say your posts are very touching.


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