Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A song written for Abby...

A couple months ago I got a strange phone call from Abby's former principal at Caribou Lake, the cute little school she went to from Kindergarten though second grade.  He was wondering if I would mind contacting a parent of a child that went to school with Abby when she was in kindergarten.  This girl was in the second grade at the time, so she was only with Abby for just that one year, but evidently was impacted greatly by being in the same school as Abby.  It was a pretty small school and so they usually bused the special needs kids to a different location about 20 min away, but we just really wanted her to go to school with the kids who lived in our area.   Abby went to school with a wheelchair and a gait trainer (walker) she didn't really even use.  In the three years at Caribou Lake she learned to use her walker, walk with assistance and finally on her own.  By the time she left she was climbing the stairs to the slide on the playground. Surprisingly, the principal said he got more complaints about Abby being at the school because the kids were too involved with her.  They were so vested in her progress that they would go home and give play-by-play about what Abby did each day!  I guess it irritated some parents for their kids to be so selfless.

Back to that phone call... the mom said that her daughter came out of her room one day with this song she had written about Abby... words and music.  Mind you it's been about five years since they were in the same school... Pretty amazing young lady.  Obviously touched our hearts and will touch yours as well.  We know Abby has so much to offer, so it's so amazing to see the impact of the plan God has for her life.

the video is only accessible via facebook until I get it from her, but this link should bring you right to it
Here's the lyrics to Maddie's song...

She's just smiling away, going on about her day
Everything is going good, exactly how it should
People don't know how the story could be told
You've come so far, don't throw it all away

Abigail, a fighter with a heart, she's know what she's wanted from the start, don't keep her from reachin' the star, Abigail, Abigail

At the age of 8, she took her first steps all alone, her dreams were meant to be, little Abby was finally free,
Everyday I pray to know where you are and that you're not far

(Chorus again)

Beauty isn't just skin deep you know
Everybody's gold
You'll find yourself soon everyone has

You're never too far, without a friend
You haven't been forgotten, that I promise
Stronger than I'll ever be, graced by God in so many ways


I miss you Abigail, please find me soon, I need to catch up with my old friend...Abigail



  1. That is so amazing, Allison! I can't wait to hear it when I'm with you next Friday! (I can't view the video because I'm not facebook friends with the person who posted it)

  2. I changed the link to my profile where the video is also posted. Can you watch it now? Let me know :)

  3. So beyond sweet! I hope my girl can touch young lives that way :)

    Also, I had no idea Abby walked that late since she does so well now! Gives me a lot of hope for Emarie... thank you for that :)

  4. I love the lyrics. Too bad I can't hear the song.


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