Saturday, June 18, 2011

Attacking Abby

All the changes started a few weeks before school ended with Ethel headed south for a family event which took her out of school for the last weeks of the year.  If the last weeks aren't chaotic and unscheduled enough already, this didn't help. Now that her beloved routine is over, and while the rest of us welcome a later bedtime and more family time, Abby seems to be railing against it. We try not to get negative too soon, but as we're into the middle of June already and she's still not adjusting I'm frustrated.  The rest of us like to be outside and off a schedule.  Biking, jumping, swimming, playgrounds and playing in the dirt! Andy and I are trying to maintain a sense of normalcy and not get too angry and emotional, but this past week has gotten the best of us.  Among the job search and a myriad of other stuff, including but not limited to the death of my grandpa, we're struggling.  Thankfully we've maximized PCA help by trying to have someone here all day whenever schedules allow since Abby can't be left unattended at all, but the reality that we can't just be a family ever is making me angry.  We used to need someone here so we could interact at functions, but now we need help just to do normal daily activities.  Danielle didn't come until eleven today, which is usually not a big deal at all, but I couldn't make breakfast with out being attacked and Andy's temperature was rising before breakfast was half over.  Belle and MaryAlice were both in tears from hair pulling and pinching; as well as, Abby slamming a cupboard door on Belle's head while she was getting a trash bag.

We've tried all the sensory stuff we know, but to no avail.  We've turned to meds :(  Today was the first day of Adderall.  We've tried Ritalin and a host of other drugs I don't want to revisit, but may be appropriate.  We also need her to slow down with her eating.  She eats non-stop and has gained too much weight.  We suspect it's all the hormones she's on, but we need to continue them until her growth plates close (maybe another year).  They think some behavior meds are in order and the side effect of appetite suppressant might be positive too.  We gave it to her at ten and she was asleep by eleven.  I guess I should be happy she's out, but I hate medicating her into coma.  So... do we hit a new sensory diet of stressful input that is guaranteed to set her off initially, but may help in a few days?  Do we go back to the behavior modification stuff that we all endured for months to no avail?  I spent a couple of days with that and I'm not sure if she gets it now or not.  Either way we need to gear up for one or the other, but I lack the emotional strength today to start.

I pray for wisdom in the choice,
Perseverance for us and the girls who will have to carry it out throughout the day, and...
That  I we would want to be around her.


  1. praying for you all. so sorry abby has to feel out of sorts and that it affects you all :( keep at it - you are one of the strongest women i know and abby is blessed to have you for a mom!

  2. I'm so sorry.... I don't really have any advice, just know you're in my thoughts, and I can pray for your family.

  3. Things are just crappy sometimes, and emotional exhaustion is the worst kind. I'm so sorry for your heartache and your struggles, and understand so deeply that longing for complete family time. Prayers that things will get better soon.

  4. Allison, thank you so much for sharing what I know is difficult to talk about. It helps me remember to pray for you, and it helps to know what to pray for. Praying for wisdom/solutions right now for you. God bless your family.


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