Wednesday, January 19, 2011

joy unspeakable

I find joy in the stuff that I have no control over, yet the Lord blesses me just because He can.  We've talked so much about facing trials and suffering that my focus is on being content whatever my circumstances, right?  I think for the most part Abby has taught us that storms will come and go as they are just part of our lives.  These waves will toss and turn and definitely rock our boat, but Ray Boltz song "The Anchor Holds" is true.  We have hope and can have joy (and happiness) in the face of storms. 

We've found that we're overall accoustomed to the different life we live, but it's the relationship discords that really throw us through a loop.  It's expectations of each other and the people we care about in our lives that can take our focus much faster than inconvenient circumstances. 

I felt the reality of knowing the truths of God this past week and being given the gift of feeling them too.  God seemed to bless us in a tangible way where I could humanly feel that love that promises to never leave nor forsake me.  If you read my last post you read the amazing story of Andy's interview.  I saw it in others lives too, but was surprised how the same blessings were swept under the rug or missed altogether by others.  I wonder how often that's me?  How often I totally miss the blessings as I sink in my own muck and mire of life?  Can I get sooo down  that I don't even see what God is doing around me?  It's so very easy to see from a distance in others lives, but I can't help but wonder how often people look at me that very same way? 

We had to leave a gathering yesterday because Abby was having an allergic reaction that resulted in difficulty breathing.  I was disappointed to leave b/c it was such a great group of friends and we were engaged in a great conversasion, but realized it's been quite a while since we've had to run out like we did.  She is prone to vomiting (she did that on the way home from a McDonald's fundraiser on Tuesday), breathing problems and emotional/behavioral which can send us home; but the fact that the last time I remember having to rush out of somewhere was last summer is amazing!  After troubleshooting on the way home Andy and I realized we had neglected her nightly breathing treatment for the past several days.  We're usually in sinc so that we don't miss those things, but she's also been so great without trouble breathing that we havn't given it much thought.

Even that couldn't ruin my day as there were several people at church yesterday that we were so excited to see there!  I couldn't have orchestrated  that... believe me I've tried.  It's freeing to let God work and just be excited when I get to be part of it! 

If the day couldn't get any better...
I put Abby in the tub as soon as I got home and she giggled- the deep belly giggle few get to witness, but it is something else, my friends!  Her joy ooozes out of her!  It is something to behold and a joy to see!  It was me spraying her with the shower head!  Sometimes she likes it and other times she hates it.  I pulled it out and she was hilarious!  Andy got a video (he said it was G rated), so if I can't load it on here you'll have to ask him to see it because he took it with his phone.  It did remind me of the drug giggle she had in the hospital, but this was drug free!

I'm thankful for these days that give me a glimpse of what He can and is doing.  I always intellectually know His promises are true, but it sure is good to feel the Son on my face and bask in its warmth :)

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