Thursday, December 10, 2009

school resolution

We sat down yesterday with entirely too many government beaurocrats to finally resolve Abby's school issues. How many governement employees does it take to screw in a light bulb... don't even get me started. If people knew how much of our money was wasted on current government programs, health care wouldn't even be on the table. If you've never been involved with government programs you have no idea how much waste there is. There were 10 people there (one who actually works with Abby at school) meeting for the third time this year to come up with an education plan for Abby because she is different.

There are precious few people who realize who they work for and who attempt to be good stewards of the funds they receive. The amount of time & money that has gone into this decision is appalling. A short rundown for you, yet not an exhaustive list (I'm sure I'll leave out a lot)
-principal (3 mtg w/us, several w/ superintendant)
-special ed teacher (2 mtgs & hours spent writing a minimum 10 page IEP)
-Legal advocate/ Lawyer consult (countless hours of research to tell the school how they can do what is best for Abby)
-behavior therapist
-social worker
-special ed director
-special ed director's asst (I almost left off the "t" and it was by accident although it totally fits)
...and it as a small meeting

All these people required just to let us keep her at a private school. We didn't know it wasn't our option to put our child where we thought was best for her. We had to convince "the team" that we were capable of deciding what was best.

The legal gal was amazing! Can you believe it took legal intervention? I'm literally floored! I still can't believe how amazing she was! The Lord really intervened on our behalf to convince her to help us even though she knew at the start that we didn't have a slam dunk situation.

So, in the end we have Abby on a full IEP (Individual Education Plan) and this is good because it gives her access to all the therapists and specialists that the school has to offer. The kicker about this is that they have to offer services, but they only have to provide them at their school. Thankfully they agreed to offer those services, such as therapies, at her school. There is no question that she needs therapists to help her at her school, but once again they don't have to do it there... it just makes more sense (not that it's mattered before). The other great thing about having her on an IEP is that it is a yearly plan which means that this one will run from Dec. to Dec. of next year, so the odds of us getting to keep her at St. Rose next year with the same plan is pretty good. Her para (help at school) will be contracted from an outside agency, so we will have a say in who that person is, and for as long as she wants the job, we can keep our current para. They will also provide transportation or reimburse us (para) for it.

So much to be thankful for! He always has a plan. It's always His timing. There is so much evidence how beneficial it is to Abby for this plan to have taken so long. She went to a school we never would've considered if they had not removed her para. We have been blessed abundantly by having her there. She never would've been with her peers as much as she is now. We wouldn't have known she was capable of being in the classroom if she hadn't had the opportunity like she's had. Her plan now in place will take us into the middle of next year, so giving us two years instead of just one.

Here's my little Catholic Schoolgirl all decked out in her uniform!
God is good... always.

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