Friday, July 17, 2009


I've often finished days like today and wondered how much I care about jewels in my crown, but today I would nominate my five year old for sainthood. After a week of vomit, diarrhea, whining, crying and fevers to boot I'm over my given portion of patience (and I haven't even asked for more :)). Today was the icing on the cake for me.

I started my day with some righteous anger. I was right in my anger, but maybe not so in how I handled it. Foster care is soo much more than "Just" taking care of children in transition with issues. I struggle with the awful ordeal that tainted parents bring to an already difficult situation. It's a part of our world that I'd rather not have to ever see. It's the dark and dirty no morals aspect that is something I thought only happened on TV. It's in my backyard. The lies that flow so freely reveal such darkened hearts. The games that are played inside and outside the courthouse all in the name of child protection at the cost of two real little lives sickens me to the core. I went from loving to rebuking, but know in my heart it made no real difference to the metal core that sits in the place of a real beating heart of a woman that has seen more bad than good in her life. One must wonder what has gotten her to where she is today. Our pastor once said, "Those who sin the most have usually been sinned the most against" (or something like that). I'm really starting to believe it.

Abby exploded three times so far today. I guess MaryAlice did have a bug. The second explosion took a box of wipes, three towels and two washcloths. I had to clean her off just to get her into the bathtub. I had to strip myself down because it was all over me too. I sat down to nurse MA and saw poop on my foot! I'm putting the sanitize cycle on my new washer to the test. On a brighter note she's super happy. She couldn't be happier about everything going through her. She hasn't been this happy since she was urinating blood last week. What is it about being ill that makes her so ecstatic?

To top off my night Annabelle either overdid it on the cherries G&G brought for us or she is carrying a bit of a bug too. We sat down to dinner, with a guest mind you, and she politely announces that she has diarrhea. Nice dinner conversation. Sheeda drinks her last bottle, I feed her some food and she vomits all over the place. I'm cleaning Sheeda up when Belle runs by me with a wipe full of puke. She announces that she found puke in the playtent and she proceeded to just clean it up herself... thus sainthood. What a gal!

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