Monday, June 22, 2009

no sleep for the weary... not worth the read... just bored

Today was mostly a quiet day. Not the evening chaos, of course, but I actually accomplished something. I cleared my hallway. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but every little bit of clearing makes me feel so much better. It's a never ending cycle, and with five kids right now little extra gets done. Who am I kidding? Regular upkeep is a stretch most of the time. I really want to organize. It seems so much more important now that there are so many little bodies sharing the same space, but without time I can't get a handle on anything. I really should've planned better. Maybe someday there will be a bit of a lull between kids and organization will take place. February? Yes, I am laughing too!!!!

I don't know why I'm up late obsessing, but I guess it's my focus since sleep evades me. I'd be doing something about the clutter, but babies are asleep in every room. I can barely keep my eyelids from shutting, but still no sleep. Not usually a problem for me. I often joke that sleeping is one of my gifts. It sounds funny, but it is such a wonderful gift to be refreshed each day. As my grandma always says, "You can handle anything if you get your sleep." Not exactly true, but it sure helps. Can't seem to turn my head off. I need to stop the spinning.

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