Sunday, January 11, 2009

Playing with a friend

I had a new perspective on one of the many things we take for granted... friends. Pools of tears flooded my eyes as I hit the replay button in my mind of a moment I'll carry with me for the rest of my life. Tears of happiness not sadness. Most think friendship is an inevitable part of their child's life, but it is a festering sore for this mom because it is something which evades the life of my eldest little love. Thankfully, it is my heart which hurts not hers... that would be too much to bear, yet as her awareness increases I wonder how much she takes in and to what extent some of her frustrations aren't linked to the kids that surround her. To tell you the truth I've been pleased recently as some children have even noticed Abby and taken to trying to play with her, but even with their efforts she hasn't yet responded much.

Tonight she spent time with the familiar face of another child with disabilities. They've spent a lot of time together over the past few years, but it appeared to have been mostly lost on both of them. They haven't seemed to have any awareness of a familiarity they should have until tonight. They actually interacted for an extended period of time... maybe fifteen minutes. They studied one another, picked, nudged at bit (a soft push), practically laid on one another without incident (which is a feat in self control on the other child's part) and shared a smile and some laughing while splashing in the water together. You've never seen two mom's so keenly caught up in a moment with their kids. Maybe the wait to obtain these moments makes them all the more memorable, or still yet the question if there will ever be these connections. Either way we'll take with us the beauty of this night and be thankful for all it fulfilled in the hearts of two moms. What a surprise blessing!

Friends often play around Abby, engage her without reciprocity, talk at her, hold her hand when she walks, pull her in the wagon, but until tonight she hadn't really engaged with another child for any length of time.

My world has just expanded... along with my heart... I dare to dream further... So taken I am with the beauty of moments like these and blessed to have them... My cup runneth over


  1. Precious, just precious.

  2. Thanks for making me tear up at work:) I love you!

  3. How beautiful! My kids are wondering why mommy is crying... What a wonderful writer you are Allison. Miss you!

  4. What a beautiful connection. Thank you for sharing it so eloquently. I smile when I think of those sweet moments and what a comfort they are to your heart.


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